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See how beauty & cosmetics brands on Postscript are using SMS to convert shoppers, increase lifetime value, and improve customer support.

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Personalize your customer journey with Keywords

Beauty is personal. Your SMS strategy should be, too. Start with a welcome flow that segments subscribers based on skin concerns or other preferences. From there, you can send personalized product recommendations and beauty tips.

Launching a new moisturizing serum? Send a targeted launch campaign to subscribers who triggered the DRYNESS keyword at any point in the past.

Turn hesitant shoppers into raving fans

Whether it’s picking the best serum for their skin, or choosing the right foundation shade, most customers need a little bit of help from an expert.

Browse abandonment, cart abandonment, or post-purchase flows are all opportunities to educate and nurture customers. With guides and quizzes, you can even reduce the number of customer support tickets.

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Ashley Barraud

Ashley Barraud

Retention Marketing Manager


“We really want to make sure we're making a connection with people that's going to last. We're not just saying, ‘Buy this product,’ all the time. We're connecting with people on a level that’s outside of our product.”


Beauty & Cosmetics

Upsell beauty products that work even better together

Upsell products that work even better together

Now that you know what your customers have purchased, send them thoughtful product upsells that they’ll love. With SKU-level segmentation and purchase triggers inside Postscript, you can create any upsell automations and campaigns that you can think of.

Crush your product launch and sales targets

The almost-instantaneous open rates of SMS make it the perfect channel to announce your latest product launch or flash sale.

Limited edition collection? Send a text to your most loyal customers first and give them exclusive early access.

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Unsubscribe rate average across all campaigns and automations


Click through rate average across all campaigns and automations


Average Earnings per message on keyword opt-in flows

See real results from brands in your industry

The data doesn’t lie: beauty and cosmetics brands are seeing amazing results using Postscript and SMS marketing. We aggregated data from thousands of ecommerce stores using SMS and published the findings in our yearly SMS Benchmarks Report. Here’s what we found:

  • Unsubscribe Rate: 2.8% average unsubscribe rate across all beauty and cosmetics brands. Our segmentation and personalization capabilities keep your unsubscribe rates low.

  • Clickthrough Rate: 14.2% average clickthrough rate across all beauty and cosmetics brands. Boost engagement with open rates and click through rates that make other marketing channels jealous.

  • Earnings Per Message: $4.58-$13.97 EPM on keyword opt-in flows across all beauty and cosmetics brands. Unlock SMS as one of your top revenue-driving channels.

Check out the full benchmarks report for your industry.

Provide support in two-way conversations

Use SMS to engage in conversations with customers. Provide support and gather customer feedback directly over text.

Manage text conversations using our Responses feature or integrate Postscript with Gorgias, Zendesk, or another help desk platform of your choice.


Collect product reviews

Customers on your SMS list are highly engaged with your brand. Who better to ask for a product review?

Integrate Postscript with Okendo, Swell, or Junip to send automated review requests over text.

Promote refills and subscriptions

Increase lifetime value with automated text messages for product refills and subscriptions.

Set up reorder reminders with Postscript and automatically send them at the appropriate time—for example, 25 days after a customer bought a 30-day supply. Or, integrate Postscript with ReCharge and allow your most valuable customers to skip, add, or change their subscription via text.

Ellie Carroll

Ellie Carroll

Enterprise Account Executive


"I’ve specialized in ecommerce strategy in the beauty space for almost a decade, and decided to focus on SMS once I saw what an amazing tool it was for my clients. In my eyes, SMS is second to none in terms of not only driving incredible revenue with strong ROI, but also building community and fostering brand loyalty. Even something as simple as sending content to subscribers based on skin type, skin concern, or interest makes a huge difference in how users interact with your brand."

Ready to make SMS your #1 revenue channel?