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Our entire focus is on SMS, which is why Shopify stores have more success here than anywhere else.


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Average revenue lift on AI beta features

Finally—AI that Unlocks Incremental Revenue

Powerful AI features that are constantly working to put more money in your pocket. 

Brand Center

Train AI on your brand voice

Train the AI model on your unique brand voice, with multiple checkpoints to review AI-generated copy and provide feedback before texts are sent.

AI Infinity Testing

Optimize, infinitely.

Explores thousands of message variants and optimizes to drive an average 20% increase in revenue on your highest ROI flows.

Conversation Intelligence

Uncover customer insights

Quickly analyze trends and uncover insights within thousands of in-depth SMS Sales conversations with your subscribers.


Revenue-driving, insights-revealing AI

The AI solution that ecom marketers have been waiting for.

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Brands like us. They really like us.

“Postscript is helping us to increase SMS revenue contribution to the business, which is incremental to our other CRM channels. They’re also helping solve bandwidth issues. They feel like a true extension of our team — we trust that they are really tackling SMS as if our company were their own.”

Danae Young, Associate Director, Retention

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“We have seen really strong results with Postscript, and just as a side note—your teams, customer service, and Customer Success Managers are top of the line. They’re incredible.”

Kelly Spencer, Marketing Manager

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“Postscript is able to innovate at a speed faster than any of the competitors in the industry. This is very important for our business and we see the impact of it in our numbers.”

Adam Hutton, Associate Director of Owned Media

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You made it this far—now let us make SMS your #1 revenue channel.

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