Make sure messages go from "sent" to "seen"

Subscribers can’t convert on messages they don’t receive, which is why we’ve continually invested in our industry-leading throughput and deliverability infrastructure.

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Trust the team that has every deliverability threat on lock

We’re here to stop send delays and failures before they even start, thanks to our:

  • Built-in guardrails to protect brands from carrier filtering

  • Automated double opt-in compliance

  • Ability to identify and correct data hygiene issues

  • Obsession with carrier relations

  • Solid and scalable infrastructure that can meet ever-growing market demands

Plus, our in-house carrier relations and compliance teams are always standing by to assist with any deliverability questions that pop up—so you can get back to making SMS your number-one revenue channel.

Reap the benefits of our Twilio-preferred status

Postscript’s exclusive partnership with Twilio means we offer unrivaled deliverability and throughput. Our deep integration powers real-time visibility into carrier queues so we can proactively identify and address delays before they reach any of our merchants.



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