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Grow your subscriber list, develop and test your messaging strategy, deliver excellent customer service, and drive purchases and loyalty—all in one place.

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How SMS Marketing works

Postscript's SMS Marketing offering empowers brands to create meaningful touchpoints at every stage of the subscriber journey—from opt-in to order.

Grow your audience

Build an engaged and compliant subscriber list with our suite of opt-in tools—including website popups, Onsite Opt-in, checkout collection, shareable landing page links, and back-in-stock notifications.

Automate Product Added to Cart

Build relationships over text

Deliver personalized messages and drive 1:1 engagement at scale with our robust segmentation, filtering, tagging, and response branching features.

Turn conversations into revenue

Provide the right offer, to the right subscriber, at the right time with behavior-based message branching within your Campaign and Automation Flows.

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Drive loyalty through experience

Keep existing customers engaged and happy with a tailored post-purchase experience designed to drive brand loyalty and repeat orders.

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Drive more revenue, faster.

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Brand Center

Take advantage of AI without losing control over your brand voice

In ecommerce, your brand is your biggest asset. That’s why we give you control over your brand voice preferences through Brand Center. It allows you to train the AI models on your unique brand voice and review AI-generated copy examples to make sure they are on-brand.

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AI Infinity Testing

Drive +20% more revenue from your best flows

Move away from the outdated, time-consuming A/B testing. AI Infinity Testing combines predictive analytics and generative AI technology to generate and test thousands of on-brand message variants that evolve over time. Driving an average 20% revenue lift— all proven by holdout testing.

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Trusted across every corner of ecommerce

Our customers come from all parts of the ecommerce world, and we have the expertise to help them all achieve incredible results with SMS.

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How the world’s biggest YouTube star
built a chocolate brand on Postscript

For an interactive and super engaged personality like MrBeast, SMS was a no-brainer. Here’s how Postscript helped Feastables capitalize on a strong following to achieve incredible results right out of the gate.


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Jess Cervellon

Jess Cervellon

Head of Customer Experience


“Postscript doesn’t think about just marketing aspects—they also put the customer experience towards the forefront of what they’re building. They’ve helped us build the raddest SMS engagement pathways that have created loyalty and retained customers.”


Food & Beverage

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