1:1 personalized sales conversations, at scale

SMS Sales enhances the ecommerce experience by layering a sales motion on top of your marketing funnel, driving incremental revenue. We employ a team of highly trained, US-based Sales Associates who proactively engage with your subscribers, providing a unique and personalized shopping experience.


Results backed by a risk-free trial


Average increase in new customer conversions


Up to 10% increase in total store revenue


Average Incremental Return on Ad Spend (iROAS)

How SMS Sales works

Postscript SMS Sales Associates

You get a team of highly trained SMS Sales Associates

We staff your team of US-based SMS Sales Associates who undergo extensive, ongoing training on your products and brand. They provide coverage 7 days a week, with an average response time of under 5 minutes.
Proactively engage

They proactively engage with subscribers who aren’t converting through marketing

SMS Sales is layered on top of your existing marketing program. We engage with shoppers who are on your SMS list, but are not converting on their own. We help address their buying objections and give them a personalized shopping experience.
Make More Sales

You make more sales, with an average 4x iROAS proven by control testing

With our risk free trial and control testing, you can have confidence that the revenue we are driving for you is truly incremental. Plus, our AI features will help you turn the unique data you’re getting into valuable insights for marketing and CX.

Turn SMS into a goldmine of customer conversations

Create a shopping experience that your customers will be raving about

Without the in-person experience of retail stores, ecommerce can sometimes feel purely transactional. But with SMS Sales, you can have real human conversations with your shoppers and turn them into loyal fans.

Jones Road Conversation
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“SMS Sales gives us better one to one interactions with our customers and more data in terms of what our customers are looking for and how we can better service them. And we've seen incremental gains in profit that have been really strong and impactful for the business.”

Adam Hutton, Associate Director of Owned Media

True Classic

Uncover and address buying objections

SMS Sales Associates are pros at asking the right questions to understand why an engaged shopper still hasn’t bought, and help to overcome those reasons.

Provide better service with no effort

CX teams are already stretched thin. SMS Sales helps reduce their workload while providing coverage 7 days a week, with quick response times and a valuable VIP experience.

Get to truly know your customers

There’s no better way to get to know your customers than through one on one conversations. This is customer data that you can’t get through any other channel.

Real messages from shoppers interacting with SMS Sales

If you’re in the business of making customers happy, you’ve come to the right place. Shoppers who interact with SMS Sales rave about the experience and turn into loyal fans.

Try it yourself

SMS Sales, now powered by Postscript AI

Conversation Intelligence

Unlock valuable insights about your customers and business

There’s no better customer research than 1:1 conversations with shoppers both pre and post purchase. With SMS Sales, you can engage with tens of thousands of shoppers each month. Now there’s a way to turn that data into valuable insights for marketing and CX.

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Groove Life Loves Postscript

“Conversation Intelligence gives my team the ability to audit topics quickly and view specific conversations with customers. This launch is definitely an improvement and makes me excited to see how it evolves over time, providing us with a better experience, as well as clarity into the data.”

Mandy Scott, CX Manager

Groove Life

Filter down to the right content

Use conversation filters and insights tags to pull up conversations relevant to a specific topic of interest.

Scan conversation summaries

At a quick glance, scan AI-written conversation summaries and dive into the full thread when needed.

Follow conversation trends

See how conversation topics change over time as you adjust your marketing and CX programs.

Delivering better SMS Sales service, with faster response times

Postscript AI helps SMS Sales Associates work smarter to tackle hundreds of conversations every day. They spend less time on repetitive tasks, and more time focusing on closing sales and personalizing each customer interaction.

AI is only as good as the data you train it on. Luckily, Postscript’s AI models are trained using your on-brand conversations from SMS Sales. This unique data set enables advanced AI features without losing the human touch that makes SMS Sales great.


Lift in conversion rates when using AI Responses and Recommendations


Faster response times when using AI Responses and Recommendations

Trained on your brand

The AI is trained on your unique SMS Sales strategies, brand voice, and products—ensuring that AI responses are relevant.

Continuously improving

As the SMS Sales team refines their strategies, the AI will continue to learn from them and get better.

Personalized for each subscriber

AI responses are tailored based on individual subscriber data and contextual information from their conversation.
Caraway Logo in Black

How Caraway creates a personal
shopping experience over text

By layering SMS Sales on top of their existing SMS Marketing strategy, cookware brand Caraway has unlocked a channel for driving incremental revenue while nurturing customer relationships.


Increase in total store revenue


Increase in conversion rate for new subscribers


Incremental Return on Ad Spend (iROAS)
Connor Dault

Connor Dault

VP, Growth & Digital Product


“The SMS Sales team has earned our trust to outsource something incredibly personal to the brand - which is having conversations with our customers. It’s not only about driving performance, it’s about preserving the integrity of the brand and nurturing relationships for the long haul. The team has done both, PLUS it’s highly incremental.”


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