Retain your customers

Loyal customers are the heart and soul of any successful brand. Once they’ve made that initial purchase, it’s about engaging them with timely, relevant, and personalized messages throughout the customer lifecycle.

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Build trust

Provide relevant education and resources

Education drives adoption, so help each customer get the most out of every purchase by creating and sharing product-specific how-tos, FAQs, buying guides, and success stories. This sort of value-add content will make them fall in love with you—not just your products.

Upsell products that work even better together

Now that you know what your customers have purchased, send them thoughtful product recommendations that they’ll love. With SKU-level segmentation and purchase triggers inside Postscript, you can deliver cross-sell and upsell messages tailored to what—and when—a customer has purchased before.

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Keep subscriptions on track

The beauty of subscriptions is that customers don’t have to think about reordering, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t think about your brand. Check in to make sure they’re still loving their products, answer their questions, give them a heads up about renewals or billing issues, and remind them about the option to skip or pause.

Send replenishment reminders

Make sure satisfied customers never run out of their favorite goods. Automate timed reorder reminders based on purchase date to make recurring revenue more steady and predictable—and show your customers that you’ve always got their back.


Build loyalty through rewards

Do you have an existing loyalty rewards program? Make sure your SMS subscribers know about it! Setup post-purchase automations letting customers know how to join your rewards program, how many points they currently have, or to remind them to use their rewards.

How Frost Buddy Created a Loyal SMS Community Earning Them Over $2.8M in SMS Revenue

Frost Buddy is the world’s first universal can and bottle tumbler. When Frost Buddy began using Postscript, not only did CEO and co-founder Brock Mammoser find the missing link to his marketing team, but he was able to extend those feel-good community vibes to his entire subscriber base.

With a focus on relationship-building, Frost Buddy collaborated with Postscript Plus to develop an SMS messaging strategy to expand their community and increase conversions.

In 12 months, Frost Buddy earned over $2.8 million dollars from SMS revenue, grew their SMS community by 44k subscribers, and retained 73% of SMS subscribers over the last 30 days on Postscript.

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Tina Manning

Tina Manning, Head of Retention Marketing


"We saw a 30% conversion on our loyalty offer campaign, which was one of our best that we've seen. Sprinkling in these special offers to a high loyalty group has been very successful."


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