How Molly Green collects SMS subscribers in-store, contributing to $160k monthly revenue from SMS

Molly Green is a fun, vivacious, and sustainable clothing store that originated in Birmingham, Alabama in 2011. Now over ten years later, this family-owned business has six locations and 50+ employees with a common goal of making humans feel good.

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Finding the right SMS platform

When Laura Foster joined the Molly Green team as Marketing and Media Director, she had no prior SMS experience but was familiar with this new channel and was ready to hit the ground running. After trying two previous SMS platforms without much success, the team was recommended to use Postscript and has never looked back. “This channel has kinda become the backbone of what we do and how we're driving things here" says Laura. “Did I mention how much we love Postscript?”

In-store promotion

Being a brick-and-mortar first, Molly Green had to get creative in promoting their SMS program. With constant foot traffic in stores, they began to put up signs that encourage folks to sign up for their texts. In doing so, they have successfully taken their retail experience and transformed it into an online community. Molly Green has different signs shown here that create a buzzworthy notion for their retail customers. Not only do they have signs everywhere, from the cash register to the dressing rooms, but they also talk about it to their customers directly, so it has become a continuous conversation in stores. These signs are growing their subscriber list rapidly and creating a FOMO (fear of missing out) effect as in-store shoppers are listening to the conversations around their SMS program. Molly Green now has a list of 15k+ subscribers who are just as eager to receive their text messages as they are to visit their stores.



Now, a year and a half after joining Postscript, the results speak for themselves. Here are two strategies that have led to Molly Green's success.

List growth using signs in store: It's clear Laura is investing in their SMS strategy and says she has created multiple training docs to better educate their teams on collecting subscribers in store. "We also have signs in our fitting rooms. They say “join our club” with the actual sign-up at checkout. We have it around the store, and we talk about the benefits as well". Molly Green has essentially created a dialogue among in-store shoppers around their SMS program and the perks you can receive from joining. It’s a go-to conversation-starter and something that is perpetually adding value to the business. 

Segmentation leading up to the holidays: November and December are always the busiest time for business owners, and SMS is a great way to reward those who have shopped year-round. "I think that there are so many possibilities inside of Postscript for segmentation and engagement. And I like that you all are constantly innovating," says Laura. "We're going to be doing a holiday gift guide, staff picks..." and go all in this year with SMS. Through segmenting their lists, Molly Green has rewarded their most loyal customers and enticed those who have yet to make a purchase in-store or online. Many consumers find their stores roaming the streets of Nashville or Birmingham, and they have ultimately kept these consumers in their funnel through their SMS program by re-engaging them to shop on their website. It's also been a great way to let their customers know about their online store too.


Subscribers with hundreds of new subscribers added each month


Earnings Per Message on opt-in Keyword for 1 location


Attributed revenue in 30 days during pre-holiday season
Laura Foster

Laura Foster, Director of Marketing and Media

Molly Green

"I like knowing that Postscript is constantly innovating to make the product better because we're constantly innovating to better engage with our customers."


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